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Is your baby sick? What to do?

First of all do not panic! Now breathed, exhaled, calmed down, read. For all adults, the moment of revelation becomes the day when the child begins to show signs of indisposition. It requires repeated repetition of the same actions, so that the fight against the disease proceeds easily and without consequences, primarily for the parents themselves.

To achieve this is quite simple, you just need to remain calm, showing the baby that everything is under control, and also to know the basic tenets while observing his well-being. Next, we offer a small list of the most frequently asked questions from moms and dads on this topic, along with the answers of professionals.

Question: Is it necessary to return the baby to kindergarten right after an illness or is he “lying down” at home?

Answer: If your Microlife thermometer shows a normalized body temperature, you should return the child to the public environment, otherwise there is a risk that the mutated viruses that appeared in the house while he was sick will take it with even more enthusiasm.During his absence, one should well ventilate the room, wash all the things with which he was in contact.

Question: Is my baby constantly sick, does he have poor immunity?

Answer: It is normal for children to get sick from 5 to 10 times a year. Symptoms of ARVI (the most frequent childhood disease) occur precisely as an indicator of good immunity in a child. The increased temperature suggests that the body first encounters a virus, and therefore begins to conduct a "rescue operation" to destroy it. After recovery, the body is naturally hardened, which will allow it to cope with a sudden attack much faster in the future. On the weak immunity will just indicate too long the course of the disease.

Question: Should I give my baby antibiotics for ARVI?

Answer: No way! Antibiotics destroy all the bacteria, including the good ones, which help to fight the virus. The body must learn to cope with the disease on its own, and therefore, as always, the recipe is simple - hot teas, vitamins.

Question: Is it necessary to immediately bring down the temperature when the presence of heat is diagnosed?

Answer: The nature of ARVI is such that the body takes care of itself, which means that it is important not to interfere with it. Yes, the indisposition affects the mood of the child, and everyone experiences it in his own way, because for the time being you will have to accept it. Of course, you should definitely buy a baby thermometer to be aware of the state of the child. If the screen displays a value of 38 degrees and above, then it is time to help the body with antipyretic agents. Temperatures below 38 degrees do not require the use of medicines. It should be remembered that it increases specifically so that the harmful viruses that have entered the body die - this is how the immune system works.

Question: Is it possible to say that the most effective medicines are the most effective?

Answer: Of course not. Often people peck on memorable packaging or on a properly made video, completely forgetting that all advertising requires a return on investment, which is then included in the price of the drug itself. In addition, our people still have not learned to read the composition on the package, because of which they significantly overpay. After all, many expensive drugs,especially anti-cold, actually contain one standard set of components - antipyretic acetylsalicylic acid (simple aspirin), vasoconstrictor felilephrine, antihistamine components, it is supplemented with all flavoring, ascorbic acid, caffeine.


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